AIWAYS U5 Energy Consumption

aiways u5

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Whether you only drive short distances every day or go on the long journey more often – the Aiway U5 has the right charging solution for every situation. You will find out that in most cases a ‘slow’ AC charge is sufficient for you, but the aiways u5 can also charge DC on hypercharge with up to 90kW for extra fast charging.

Everyday loading:

Charge your Aiways U5 conveniently in the house electricity network. Whether at home, in the office or on vacation: With the ICCB charging cable supplied as standard, you can charge your Aiways U5 at any standard 220V household socket. Just connect the vehicle to the power supply overnight – just like your mobile phone – and relax in your fully charged Aiways U5 in the morning.

aiways u5

For more information about charging at home and the Aiways Wallbox, please contact your nearest Euronics partner ( to find a dealer ). For example, you can connect your U5 to a charging station at any time when shopping, dining out or doing other activities.

Charging is even more convenient with a wall box, with which your Aiways U5 charges up to 6.6kW1 overnight. Starting this winter with a free upgrade that allows you to preheat the U5 at the charging station. Simply connect your vehicle to the wall box using the type 2 charging cable for AC charging stations, which is also supplied as standard. You can also use a wide variety of public charging stations with the same cable. The amperage can vary depending on the electricity provider at the public charging stations.

Long-distance charging:

The Aiways U5 is also ideally equipped for spontaneous long distances. For public charging, Aiways gives its customers access to a network of almost 500,000 charging points worldwide. This also includes numerous high-power charging stations (DC charging) on ​​the main traffic axes throughout Europe. With a maximum charging power of up to 90 kW, the Aiways U5 can be charged there from 20% to 80% in 35 minutes, for example, in order to be adequately supplied with energy again. Charging-related breaks when travelling with your Aiways U5 are even shorter than the coffee break that you should take anyway.

Either you can drive the long distance as you are used to with a combustion engine. There are already enough quick charging stations on highways that you can simply drive to the next one when you want to charge or take a break. Or you can use your smartphone to mirror it on the central 12.3 ”information display and display apps like“ A Better Route Planner ”, which you can use to plan the trip in advance. Enjoy real-time information on the individual charging stations, for example the exact location, existing connections and availability. Now you can plan your trip without ever having to worry about an empty battery.

Charging Cost:

Even if the price of petrol will no longer play a role for you in the future, the question still remains: What will a full charge cost me?

Aiways decided to let you choose your electricity supplier. This means that it is not prescribed with whom you should charge – as you are used to from refuelling today. This enables you to choose the variant that is cheapest for you. Aiways recommended partners are Maingau Energie and EnBW. Their customers charge at all locations and in other European countries with a single charge card at attractive conditions. For details on how to do this, please visit the operator’s website.