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This week, the hats arouse ambivalent emotions as it was on August 12, 1994, that the best season in Expos’ history was abruptly interrupted by a labor dispute. The team knows today its best moments since that time, but in Washington, under the name of the Nationals. Eight years after the team’s departure, flamboyant hats are seen not only in Montreal, but as far away as Chicago and Los Angeles, and even Europe. You can Get Your Trumpmagas New Coupon Codes And Deals now with the best deals now.

The only nostalgia for baseball probably does not explain this craze alone. As has been the case for many other sports team apparel, the Expos cap has, over the years, been associated with street gangs in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Wichita and, of course, Montreal.

Get Your Trumpmagas New Coupon Codes And Deals

Sales Manager of New Era Canada, the official supplier of major league baseball caps, revealed that the popularity of the Expos cap peaked three or four years ago when hip-hop bands, including Outkast, adopted it. Expos’ caps were sold from coast to coast. Over the last year, however, the cap has been especially popular in Quebec but less so in the rest of the country.

In Montreal, the cap is a must for teenagers who have probably never seen the team play. The popularity of the logo has been enhanced by hip hop artists from across the province who wears it in concert. There is also a revival among the former fans of the club, even if the memories they keep the team are a little bit bitter at this time of year.

Eighteen years ago this week, the Expos held the best record of any major league baseball team with 74 wins versus just 40 losses, and they seemed to be heading straight for the post-season playoffs. But all hope of a first World Series presence vanished when a labor dispute suddenly ended the season. The team was disbanded in the following months, its best players left for other skies, and the team began a 10-year slide.

Perhaps nothing is so difficult when choosing accessories, like buying a hat. If in the warm season you can get around with your head uncovered, then with the onset of autumn and especially winter, we begin to think about how to protect such a valuable and weather-sensitive part of the body from the cold. As a rule, the average man opts for a regular knitted hat the English name is “beanie”, but some go further and find a worthy alternative. A classic cap is exactly about this headdress that we will tell: history, varieties, materials, and ways of wearing and combining with clothes. And also advise how to determine your size.


It is believed that the impetus for the widespread fashion for hats made of wool was the English decree of 1571, which strictly prescribed to wear caps and hats for young people over 6 on weekends and holidays and necessarily local production. As planned, this was supposed to contribute to the growth of wool production, and would also allow the British hatter to succeed. As you can see, this gave a result: today, England, Scotland and, of course, Ireland is considered to be one of the best world manufacturers of woolen products, including caps and hats made of tweed.