Drain Cleaning: What Comes At First for you

Blocked Drain Essex

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The sink drain can be a tedious task in some cases. However, a professional cleaner provides you with qualified technicians, as well as state-of-the-art equipment to unclog your sink or sink, efficiently and quickly. A clogged sink or a blocked sink? Is water stagnating in your sink and making you sick? Don’t panic, this problem can be solved by unblocking the sink, while following the advice of the Blocked Drain Essex specialists.

Blocked Drain Essex

We pour things like oil, fat, soups, starch-filled water and other kitchen scraps down the sink. While most of this debris will drain away, some will get caught in the drain lines and eventually cause blockages. If you want your kitchen sink to work well the next time you use it, you’ll call a plumber immediately after you notice a problem. If you ignore the small plugs, debris will build up and cause a serious blockage. This can lead to broken pipes, leaks and water damage.

When do you need a sink drain?

Obstructions in kitchen sinks should be thoroughly checked. Sometimes the underlying problem is with the main sewer lines rather than the sink and the immediate drainage lines that connect to it. Here are some signs that your kitchen sink drains might be clogged and should be cleaned:

Single part standing water: If you have a one part sink, you will have standing water if there is a big plug in the drain. Standing water indicates complete blockage with very little water passing through the drains.

Drain Water In One Part And Back In Another: In double bowl sinks, you will see water draining into one sink and out of another. Eventually both sinks will have some level of standing water. This is also a sign of a severe blockage in the drainage pipe under the sink.

Slow evacuation: Slow evacuation is a sign of a less intense or distant obstruction. If you have a small plug, the water will still drain beyond the gap but will not drain quickly. You can use some DIY draining techniques to deal with this problem and only call the plumber when the drain doesn’t go away.

Repeated Drainage Problems: Repeated drainage problems are a sign of a severe downhill drain or multiple blockages. These cannot be resolved with over-the-counter cleaners or household drain cleaning methods. You need a plumber with a drainage snake to help you perform an effective sink drain.

How do you prevent blockages in kitchen sinks?

If you maintain your kitchen sink well and take a few precautions, you may be able to completely avoid kitchen sink blockages. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not add fats such as fat, melted butter, cooking oils, etc. in the kitchen sink. These elements solidify when cold and clog drains.
  • Use a colander as it will catch any solid food particles and anything that might be causing blockages.
  • You should also regularly rinse your kitchen sink with hot water to remove any existing blockages, as this will preventively remove any blockages.

Plumber un-blocker for any unblocking sink

Professional plumber has specific tools to carry out his sink unblocking tasks in no time. On the other hand, in the event that the plug is important, he must resort to the electric ferret or a professional vacuum pump. However, this method is often used when the plug is large and goes so far as to block the discharge in the piping.