Easy Options to Write a Proper Press Release

how to write a good press release

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Today Digital PR activities are fundamental for the media diffusion of what concerns us, from the creation of a new commercial reality to the launch of an event. Now you need to know how to write a good press release . For this, it is essential to learn how to write an effective press release that allows you to reach as many people and get the most visibility possible. Below you will find all the information you need to write a value statement that can be useful to your reality. Press releases are indeed precious tools that allow you to:

  • Do Brand Awareness
  • Get valuable backlinks

What is a press release?

how to write a good press release

Press releases, both online and paper ones, are documents written to inform journalists and industry portals about important and quality news they might be interested in talking about in their articles. This is the big difference between a press release and article marketing, or the quality of the information proposed.

A press release is a professional text, written with a precise structure and journalistic form, in which a new event is announced, a striking novelty of your company or the start of a new reality. In short, information can be useful and interesting to both press officers and readers. This is a valuable tool capable of greatly increasing your media coverage and spreading your news but, of course, it must be drafted in a professional manner.

Why send a statement

What you get from writing a quality press release are mainly two benefits:

Significant increase in media coverage of your news, which is essential to let people know about your event or your new company

The acquisition of a quality backlink from niche portals and newspapers, able both to increase the incoming traffic to your portal and to increase the link popularity and therefore improve your positioning in the SERPs

A press release is indeed a tool suitable for many different situations and which lends itself to different purposes. It is certainly an excellent ally in search engine positioning, as well as in Digital PR and brand management, but it can also be used by private individuals without an online reality, associations and so on.

Where and to whom to send a press release

You have launched an event or started a new company, you have hired a copywriter or an experienced journalist to write you the statement and now you are wondering where to publish it? The document must be sent to highly selected recipients who may be really interested in your news. No spam, so don’t send the document to an overly large and poor quality public. You have to be very careful in choosing your recipients the more they will be targeted the more they will be interested.

It is still important to select the largest possible audience to increase your chances of publication. But never get out of your niche. You can publish in two different ways: either by selecting online portals that allow the insertion of quality press releases (NOT article marketing) or by drawing up a long mailing list selecting the most interesting contacts.

Example: let’s take the case that you have decided to promote a new event concerning the culinary sector, as can be an “oriental cooking courseā€. Who could you send your press release to? The sport will probably not be a reality very much in line with your information and will hardly read your email.