Images on gravestones, and their implications


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Holy messengers 

Images on guiltlessness, pictures of blessed messengers on gravestones, or etched dolls on top are typically found on kids’ graves. Since they are operators of God, heavenly messengers are regularly indicated pointing towards paradise, or in offers of sympathy.


Grown-up blessed messengers who can be recognized are Michael, who conveys a blade, or Gabriel, who gives a horn.

There are no enduring figures of blessed messengers as Headstones in the Symonds Street graveyard. There may have been some that were lost with the structure of the motorways. Heavenly attendants as gravestones can be found in numerous other Auckland cemeteries.


Early Christians utilized the stay as a hidden cross and as a marker to manage the best approach to mystery meeting places. Grapples are additionally Christian images of expectation, regularly indicated set among rocks.

A stay on a grave can likewise speak to a day to day existence as a mariner. Holy person Nicholas the supporter divine person of sailors represented expectation and endurance.

A stay appeared with a messed up chain represents a day to day existence finished, maybe rashly.

Broken segment 

This implies a day to day existence cut off, and a break in presence from natural to glorious life.

Caught Hands 

Goodbye to a natural presence. Additionally represents solidarity (maybe with God, or with the mate who had gone previously)—utilized as an image for individuals from the Masonic development and Independent Order of Oddfellows.


A horn-formed gadget, flooding with natural products, speaks to a rich and productive life—likewise an image of the gather, demonstrating the finish of a characteristic cycle.

Secured segment 

A material hung over a segment (or an urn) speaks to the pall, covering a final resting place in a memorial service parade. This is where the articulations “pallbearers” and “cast a shadow over… ” originate from.


An image of the win over death.


Representing guiltlessness, and typically found on the graves of small kids.


Conventional Christian images of affection and harmony. Pigeons additionally have a spot in the Biblical record (Genesis 8:11) – Noah delivered a winged animal from the Ark when he figured the flood might be dying down. The pigeon returned, conveying an olive branch, indicating it had discovered land. So the pigeon can likewise be viewed as an image of expectation.

A bird with a cross in its mouth represents the Holy Ghost.

Greenery fronds 

These allude to an individual’s modesty and genuineness.

Since the First World War, New Zealand troopers’ war graves have likewise conveyed a greenery theme.


Represent the blood of Christ.

Hands coming to 

The hand of God coming to down to take the hand of the dead individual to manage him/her to paradise.


A greeting to the radiant world.

Here untruths 

Hebrew lettering for ‘peh sister’ and shortened form of ‘poh hitman’ signifies ‘here untruths.’


Marriage and solidarity.

Shrub leaves 

An evergreen plant. The shrub leaves speak to the evergreen memory those abandoned may have of the perished.

Lily of the valley 

Immaculateness, blamelessness, virginity

Palm tree or frond 

Represents triumph over death—additionally, a reference to the Biblical story of Palm Sunday, where Jesus made a victorious arrival to Jerusalem.

Enthusiasm bloom 

I am representing the enthusiasm of Christ.

Seal of Solomon 

The five-pointed star is known as the Seal of Solomon and is an image of the Jewish confidence.

Star of David 

The six-pointed star made of two triangles is likewise an image of the Jewish confidence, however more connected with Zionism and the production of Israel’s territory.


Commitment to God.

Sobbing willow 

The hanging parts of the tree are a visual portrayal of distress or grieving. There were willows planted in the Symonds Street graveyard.


The Rose represents love, which is connected to its aroma and magnificence.

Roses are found on numerous kids’ graves as a rosebud that has not opened, and with a messed up stem. The more full the Rose sprouted is portrayed, the more drawn out the individual has lived.