Innovative Repeat Pattern Tile Phone Cover

repeat pattern design

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The creation of a repeated pattern of tile is just as simple as a fun project. It does not require enormous skill, and it is very impressive. Repeat pattern tile is one among the thousands of jolly craft works that generally people do in their leisure time. It is very simple and can be used in various aspects such as wallpaper, covering books, wrapping gifts and so on. There is an old-fashioned way of making the repeated pattern just by you without any special requirements. Many people will have a misunderstanding that it needs Photoshop and Illustrator. Thus the repeat pattern design can be made within few steps as you wish.

Sketching Adorable Designs:

repeat pattern design

There are just five easy steps for making repeat patterns with ordinary things like pen, paper, and scissors. The first step in this process is to draw your designs at the center part of the article. The document can be of any size, and the recommended format is 8.5 * 11, as it will be handier. It is better to start your drawing with a pencil to trace the figure. Then you can over line it with your pen for better photocopy. The main point to be noted in this first step is not to draw in the edges of the paper.

The next scary process for most of the people who do it for the first time is cutting the paper into perfect two halves. It is advisable to use the knife rather than the scissors for giving you an ideal cut. It will provide you with two pieces of paper, and now you have to flip the edges back to back. Then you have to tape the two papers together on the backside. While tapping, you have to ensure that your drawing is clean and undisturbed. You can rotate the page now and then follow the same steps. Follow the same cutting process and flip the new halves you have got now. Then again, it would be best if you taped the fresh halves in a straight line as the same before. The back tapping must be precise and not to be sided.

Repeating the Same Cutting, Flipping:

The above-mentioned process will make your designs to cover the outer edges of the paper. Though you have drawn the plans in the middle of the article, the process of cutting, flipping, and taping has changed the position of the designs. Thus, now you should continue drawing plans in the middle again. The blank spaces must be filled with the designs properly as per the space left. Give the finishing touché to the paper, and you have to fill the center of the article. Again, it is to ensure that you are not touching the edges as in the first step. Once you finish your drawing, the major work is completed in the tile.

It is your turn to add some specialties to the tile using various colors. One can decorate it with lots of elements as per the interest. The decorations are up to you according to the usage of the repeat pattern tile.