Starting Your Choices for the best restaurants Now

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There are many advantages to having a restaurant. The organization of a birthday in a restaurant has almost the same pros:

  • The place is suitable for this type of events: there is no problem with noise after 22,
  • An exclusive chamber for exclusive use,
  • No cleaning after the party,
  • The birthday boy is a guest at his own party,
  • When any problems arise, we can count on your help.

The cost of organizing birthdays in the restaurant

Comparing the costs of organizing a party on your own with a party at the premises, you cannot hide that we will pay more for a birthday in the restaurant. The cost of fun in the premises ranges from 60 dollars up to 120 dollars for one person, so with a group of 30 people, we will pay from 1800 dollars. However, as they say in the cult Polish comedy, money is not everything. There comes the importance of now.

It should be taken into account that when organizing a party at home, the birthday boy is at the same time a chef, waiter, interior decorator, cleaner, DJ and play animator. Where in this whole race is time to celebrate, talk with friends and rest? There is nothing worse than saying goodbye to guests with the thought that finally the end of this passion.


Most people think that when organizing a party in the restaurant we have everything taken care of, so all you have to do is enter the number of guests and choose the menu. Unfortunately, for the event to meet our expectations, they must all be presented to the manager and together with him to determine in detail how to organize a birthday party so that everyone is happy.

Restaurant support after software implementation

How many times have you cursed when you couldn’t call the helpdesk when you needed support e.g. regarding GSM services or the internet? How irritating was the wait for an answer, thinking that everyone was polite and guaranteed your help during the purchase? Before buying, pay special attention to the type, level and quality of the service offered by the manufacturer, which often depends on:

  • Days and hours of support
  • Subscription purchased
  • Type of help phone, email
  • Knowledge of gastronomy activities

Remember that the catering system is not a mobile phone or a TV package. A faulty program or problems during work can generate additional problems, e.g. when an audit from the tax office knocks on our door unexpectedly.

Hardly any restaurant owner is aware of the fact that in the event of a non-functioning POS system or a fiscal printer failure, in accordance with the law, sales should be suspended until the failure is removed. These regulations should be understood in such a way that you cannot deliver meals and drinks without handing over the receipt. Well, unless you have a back-up fiscal device such as a cash register in the back.

Crisis situations, as in any business, appear at the least expected moment. It is worth to be associated with such a software provider that minimizes the risk of downtime. In practice, this can be compared to an insurance policy. For a long time, we may not have any trouble. However, if they happen, let the partner on the other side solve our problem.