Top 5 Best Golf Courses in Orlando, FL

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If you consider God almighty is a golfer, then definitely central Florida and Orlando is heaven. With numerous picturesque golf courses and beautiful resorts, Orlando is a dream destination of the golfers from the whole USA, for that matter the entire world. Due to its year-round golfing facility, thanks to the wonderful weather and many sunny days, golfers across the globe prefer Orlando as their favorite golfing-hub. You can have a look at / to discover the best golf courses in Orlando, FL, we have done the hard work for you already.


Disney World Golf course

Any list of best golf courses in Orlando, FL, should start with the Walt Disney course. No matter at which place you are staying, whether it’s the most famous tourist spot in the world, or in its neighborhood, you will be welcomed to play at these golf courses. This consists of 1 walking course with 9 holes and 3 courses of 18 holes, so plenty of options are there for every type of players as per their preferences.


Shingle Creek course 

Golfers from everywhere who come to play some golf in Orlando, most of them swear by this course. I can almost guarantee that any golfer in his sane mind, who played here at least once, can’t let go a chance of a single round at this golf course. Such is its beauty. This golf course made by combining the modern resort amenities and beautiful natural surroundings. It’s an obvious choice of many golfers here, and you’ll agree once you experience this course.


Falcon’s Fire course

Designed by Rees Jones, this golf course is situated just in a driving distance Disney World. This one already set an example of how a classic golf course should look. But don’t let the look deceive you, it’s as challenging as a classic golf course should be. You have to play here to feel its character, and once you do, you’ll return for more – that’s for sure.


Waldorf Astoria club

Designed by Rees Jones again, this golf course should be must in your list of golf destinations, for its classic look and pristine condition. It’s a marvelous course, beautifully merged with nature’s own creation. Any “top 5 golf course in Orlando” list is incomplete without this golf course.


Hawk’s Landing course

If you’re staying at the world’s biggest Marriot, which happened to be right here in Orlando, this golf course is situated right there. With a massive 6600 yards, this breathtakingly beautiful golf course should be an automatic choice of those who want to escape from the theme park and business meetings. Moreover, the famous golf academy of Jack Nicklaus is right here in this course whoever needed some instructions, no matter if you’re a starter or a pro who want just to sharpen his skill a bit more.


Did we miss any golf course in Orlando you think should break into this top 5 list? You’re probably correct. It’s almost impossible to visit all the golf courses in Orlando; personally, there are so many! Why not just shoot a mail to us and we will attend that course next time we feel like playing.