Fine Perfections of the Best Carpets

carpet from Empire Flooring

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When buying a carpet made by tufting production method, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the auxiliary substrate is not made of latex. When it comes to buying carpet from Empire Flooring you can be sure of the following things.

The structure of the pile

Also, when buying a carpet, you need to pay attention to the pile, it can be a loop, split, or combined. The cut is called cut or trimmed pile. The product made in this way less durable, but has a refined appearance. But uncut loops are more resistant to wear.

Carpets with stitch pile are: Single levels are the all loops have the same height. This is the best choice for areas with increased operational load, as they are very durable and wear-resistant. Multi-level are loops of different heights, so you get a beautiful three-dimensional, embossed pattern. Carpet with a split pile has different properties depending on the length of the pile and the degree of torsion.

carpet from Empire Flooring

It is classified as follows: plush coating, low split pile, trimmed to one length. It has a smooth, soft fluffy surface. But it is very noticeable any dirt, as well as traces of shoes. Frieze – a high twisted yarn with a nap slightly higher than that of velour. On such a coating is not visible pollution, it is not crushed, but it is very difficult to clean. Saxony is a long and heavily twisted, thermofixed yarn. The villi always maintain their upright position, creating a woolen carpet effect with a grainy surface. Its second species is Euro Saxony, in which, the villi are especially thin. Shag is a variation of Saxony, but with a very long and coarse nap (30-40 mm).

These carpets are very expensive and have a luxurious appearance, but it is better to lay them in for bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, as they are very difficult to clean.

The scroll is a multi-level looped coating with a trimmed top. it is beautiful, full, and practical. The scroll is usually made from a yarn of several colors, thanks to which complex patterns are especially colorful.

Moreover, such a carpet product is particularly durable Density

The density of the carpet is one of the most important indicators in the choice of carpet products is the higher it is, the better the carpet and will last longer. Also depends on this clarity and elegance of the pattern. The density is determined by the number of nodules per unit area. It also depends on the thickness and height of the thread is the higher the thread, the stronger the carpet, and the pattern is clearer. The density of the carpet can be checked simply by bending it is as if the pile is blued through the bend. This means that the density is low and it is better to lay such a covering in a room with low traffic. The dense pile is easily restored even with a prolonged pressure of heavy furniture, but products with low density are softer and more comfortable.

Carpet density categories: Coarse mating is 38–50 thousand knots on. The low density is 50-100 thousand knots. The average density is 100-200 thousand knots. Excellent density is 200-325 thousand knots High density is 325-500 thousand knots Very high density is 500-1000 thousand knots Exceptional density is more than 1 million is possible only in silk carpets with a silk base.